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I cant wait to see what you turn it into after its completed. of course there's a few bugs that i address at the end of this video, but i think you still did an excellent job!

pizza face story explained

i couldnt find the key, i looked everywhere 

Awesome game I love it :)

Came across some bugs in this game, other then those I really enjoyed the game it made me order pizza after I finished recording. I would recommend playing it.


Beyond a few bug fixes, the game could really shine with a few deliveries, some in store orders, and some in store cleaning all with hints towards the Pizza Face legend. 

This is buggy af bro. If you're gonna charge people for your games you should probably make sure you spend a bit more time testing them and fixing the biggest issues.


get a good pc

The new update is badass! I loved it. The cutscenes were a nice touch for sure. I ran into a few bugs but I was still able to get through it. Thanks for the fun, dude! Great job!


Thanks, dude! I still need to toy with the ending a little bit, I think. And I'm still going through and working on bugs here and there. I'm glad you enjoyed the update!

heres is pizza face v2.0 update hopefully this is not the end for pizza face.i would like to see more improvement on the killer ai and i still encountered a few glitches on the update. 

I can see the potential in this game, like the killer and the theme were good. But some bugs have to be fixed because it makes it hard to play and easy to beat at the same time.

The game looks interesting, you just have to fix a few bugs that it has (understandable due to early access).

It has also been a good experience!

A Murderer That Kills You With a Pizza Cutter?? HELL NO | Pizza Face

super buggy, otherwise a cool game 

you can climb up the building without unlocking door

Pretty cool start so far. I'm glad to see that you're already fixing bugs because i recorded this 2 days ago and encountered all of those bugs. So ignore my complaints in the vid, haha. I think there was a bug with the gun too where no shots hit him. Not sure what happened there but it worked on the next attempt. I'll check it out again after some updates and see what happens with this game. It definitely has potential. Thanks!

No-commentary playthrough:

I'm hungry.

Can't open the safe. Do I need a code? I couldn't find anything.

check the outside of the pizza building

i enjoy what I played but I ran into a lot of bugs and glitches. hopefully they can be fix. i do like the killer pizza face and would like to see a sequel down the line.

Hey thanks! Sorry to hear. I'll get on fixing those. Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to be able to see where things can go wrong when another person plays lol thanks

np glad i can give my input and help you finding bugs and glitches.